School libraries have a positive impact on the academic performance of the students.

Expert Teachers

Expert teachers engage students in learning and develop in their students’ self-regulation

Best Classroom

This solution for classrooms is among the best for school education – and is still an excellent choice


The school comes with an uncompromising commitment. It aims to achieve specific, measurable, observable and quantifiable results among all aspirants/students. Because the School has a vision to provide value based education to young minds and provide a dynamic learning environment.
However, the School aegis for every student which strives for excellence through active learning and education. Moreover, the School has the core committed faculty which has come from accomplished backgrounds with vast experience.


P.S.P.A Vidya Mandir  School provide best features for students and teachers.

Best Library

A school library is a structure within the school that houses a collection of books, audio-visual material and other content that serves common use to meet the educational,

Expert Teachers

Expert teachers engage students in learning and develop in their students’ self-regulation, involvement in mastery learning, enhanced self-efficacy, and self-esteem as learners.

Computer Lab

Well-designed computer labs for kids and older children, run by a well-educated and qualified faculty, with one-on-one access, which means there is one computer for each child.

Smart Classrooms

The classrooms are bright and airy. The furniture and décor of each classroom at School has been designed for different student groups to facilitate improved teaching and learning

Educational Activities

Educational activities for kids make learning more interesting and fun, therefore P.S.P.A Vidya Mandir School Management committee arrenge time to time educational and social activities.

Sports Programs

Our sports programs deliver a unique experience aimed at enhancing talent, whilst nurturing personal and team development. P.S.P.A Vidya Mandir School has sports club also.